We're offering a full range of services for almost any clothing company.

Screen printing

Screen printing is what we do, and we do it well. If quality is your key priority, then we've got you covered. We specialise in high professional textile screen printing.

  • We own a fully automatic machine with capacity of 4000 prints per day and up to 10 colours per each design.
  • We use a range of different inks, depending on the finished look our customers require. The main inks used in screen printing are plastisol and discharge, known to have excellent bright colours, coverage and durability with the extreme opaque quality. This means we can produce a large volume orders, for a very competitive prices, with a fast turnaround time delivery.
  • Our screen printing technique can be applied to almost any type of garments, and can retain bright, vivid images for many years with proper care.

Direct to garment

Direct to garment printing technique (DTG) makes it possible to print small amounts of garments extremely quickly and allow us to design high resolution images in size you require. With this printing method, ink is bonded inside the fabric ensuring a soft and silky texture with shimmering garment finish.

Colour separation

Screen print colour separation is the process by which original artwork is separated into individual colour components for printing. A process colour separation is possible, as long as the correct settings are in place.

  • cyan, Magenta, Yellow and key (black) (CMYK) for white colour garments
  • spot colours for solid looking designs without small details on it
  • halftone for a fine and detailed looking designs

We are also pleased
to offer:

  • heat pressing already printed garments
  • garments supplying
  • folding and packing
  • arranging delivery

We look forward to helping you make your vision of t-shirt designs and printed materials a reality.